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Hey this is Ali, thanks so much for dropping by Stilo Stream! What started out as a dream four years ago to turn a vintage airstream into a mobile shopping experience has now led to my first brick and mortar boutique. This has been a labor of love and I couldn’t be more excited for Stilo Stream to have a permanent home in this great city. The airstream will still be available for special events and private parties so be sure to follow us for updates, I hope you’ll come in to the shop to find new arrivals daily in all of the latest styles and trends .

I love nothing more then helping my customers find that perfect treasure that makes them feel beautiful and I promise you will quickly feel like family! I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t feel like I could witness style all around me. After graduating from design school in California, I really noticed fashion and its relationship to daily life. Helping people find their individual style and uniqueness is the best. My style usually consists of a simple silhouette out of great fabric and mixed with a splash of street. 

Thanks for all the love and support. I can’t wait for all the big things ahead!

xo Ali